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12/7/2004 - New GUI Interface
Extra GUI (Graphics Users Interface) features have been added.  These will make it easier to design your text and layout in each section. Also, have the ability to view it in html text format.
6/25/2003 - Forums and Calendar
The new Forums feature enables you to add Forums to your website and to manage them. For an example you can visit Alon Systems, Inc. and follow the Forums link. Forums also has a Calendar feature which enables you to add events which all can see. These Calendar Events can also be linked to a Forum topic and Forum members can discuss the events. Enjoy these new features and use them to enhance your Website development experience.
6/5/2003 - Restricting Pages and Sections
You can now develop Pages or Sections of pages which will only be available to your restricted users with a password. If they don't log in then they will see the regular pages. When they log in then they will be able to see pages and sections of pages which you have marked as restricted.
6/5/2003 - Catalogs
The new Catalog feature enables you to enter and maintain Catalogs of your products or services on your web site. Coupled with Restricted View Feature, the Catalog feature can enable you to show your catalogs with pricing to your restricted audience.
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